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I live in an efficiency apartment biking distance from the university where I am a part time professor.The apartment is not much more than a garage apartment with a bedroom, small bath and utility room combined, and an open kitchen living area.You can also toggle the “user box” to hidden/or visible by clicking the icon in the lower right corner so it does not obstruct your view.Did you know that My Phone consists of REAL people that create and run their own pay per minute adult phone sex lines?

I laughed at her use of the term 'commando,' and agreed that commando is the term.

"I get turned on by a lot of things," she told me and wrapped me in a hug any man would die for.

My guests know Anna as my closest, no secret friend.

I kept my car but prefer my bicycle most of the year.

I have a queen size bed that sleeps one, sometimes two when Anna stays the night, and a pullout bed in the couch for an occasional overnight guest.

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