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He's considered one of the Army's leading intellectuals, says the New York Times, pointing to Mc Master's track record of critiquing the Joint Chiefs of Staff's performance during the Vietnam War and the Bush administration's follies in Iraq.

The new national security advisor also helped devise the counterterrorism strategy in Iraq that Petraeus eventually adopted.

Keith Kellogg had been doing the job since Mike Flynn resigned late last Monday. He will stay on active duty, the White House confirmed. John Bolton, Mc Master, Kellogg and Lieutenant General Robert Caslen.

His new job will entail being Trump's in-house national security expert.

Kellogg also thanked Trump for allowing him to continue to serve. Citing two unnamed sources, the newspaper published a story describing Trump in crisis mode.'Harward is conflicted between the call of duty and the obvious dysfunctionality,' said one of FT's well placed sources about the George W.

'I'm very honored by it, very privileged by it,' he said. He's a great statesmen, a great soldier.'The president said he met with 'many other people' about the position that he has 'tremendous respect for,' including Bolton, who he said he was considering for something else.'We’ll be asking him to work with us in a somewhat different capacity,' Trump said. Bush-era National Security Council veteran who is now a Lockheed Martin executive.

The White House had been talking to Harward for days before Flynn was fired, and Trump suggested Thursday that his plans to hire the former deputy commander of U. Central Command made it easier for him to dismiss his incumbent national security adviser. And I think that combination is something very, very special,' Trump said. Our country is lucky to have two people like this and frankly, after having met so many of the people in the military, we're lucky to have all of them.'So thank you all very much. We're leaving now.'Trump answered only question as he left, on Vice President Mike Pence. Robert Harward said in a statement that he turned down President Trump's offer to serve as his national security advisor because he couldn't commit to the 24/7 nature of the job.

Trump asked for Flynn's resignation last Monday after the retired retired army general lost his trust, with the intention of giving the national security job to Robert Harward, a retired U. He cited 'financial and family issues' as his other reasons. Former CIA Director David Petraeus was floated as a candidate for the position, but the Wall Street Journal reported that he took himself out of the running. Trump himself had said on Friday that Kellogg was 'very much in play.' So were 'three others,' the president said but did not name.It's 'running like a fine-tuned machine,' he claimed at his news conference, 'despite the fact that I cannot get my cabinet approved.''I turn on the TV, open the newspapers – and I see stories of chaos, chaos,' Trump complained in his first solo press conference since taking over the Oval Office.'Yet it is the exact opposite.'Flynn had resigned three days before after revelations that he had discussed U. sanctions on Russia with the Russian ambassador to the United States before Trump took office.

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