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If you get a ton of traffic, but has a bad ROI, decrease your bid, if you have targets/ placements that give good ROI but low volume, increase your bid.

Based on the traffic source you’re working with, you need to know that you can’t always get 100% accurate carrier traffic click by click, you’ll get also at least 10-30%, or more, Wi-Fi Traffic. You can set up for each singular offer whether to RETURN traffic that is not precise match for the specified targeting or if you are working with Bitter you can send it to the Smart Link where every user will be matched with a relevant offer. Preservation of budget is key to everything, but there’s no high reward with small risk.

Test efficiently setting multiple campaigns in the vertical or GEO you’re looking to start with.

Be flexible, gather data from your tracker and make data driven decisions.

Specific offers that run well: antivirus, enlargement pills, live cams, muscle etc. Adult was and will remain a vertical that will never become extinct.

Especially with the rise of new technology, we see signs that a bigger boom has already begun.

So that’s 15 tests * 3 sources = 45 different ways.

The key is to bid low and cut placements rigorously. Using bad quality traffic (click skims for example) to test offers would just be a wrong way to start.The higher you set the frequency to, the more traffic you’ll get, but the highest probability is your ROI will drop, until you find the perfect campaign to match.As we have no control over your traffic spend, it’s up to you to test and find out.As any vertical it has its up and downs, which will always be there, so you need to have always a ton of resources at your disposal which you can activate in the shortest time.2. Apps will continue to represent the largest % of all top opportunities, with GEO’s from APAC gently taking the lead in user acquisition and payouts.While easy to promote and gather user interest to download, advertisers and developers already have set high demands & filters, resulting in a cascade of unpaid leads due to several reasons, so watch out if you are promoting them.

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