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Calculate the number of offers you want to run, let’s take example 5 offers.

We recommend testing each offer with 2-3 landers, from 3 different traffic sources.

Make sure the creatives & landers you use really picture the apps USPs (unique selling points) and are not misleading.

The key is to bid low and cut placements rigorously. Using bad quality traffic (click skims for example) to test offers would just be a wrong way to start.In most GEO’s, users only have to tap 1 TIME to be subscribed directly, and some have either REBILLINGS!And yes, you’ll get a commission reported every time the user is billed. Generally well known for developed GEO’s where users don’t mind paying a 20-100$ fee for a monthly subscription, it’s definitely getting more volatile but still has a lot to through in.While for CPC doing brokerage and selling at a higher CPC brings you ROI (if you have good connections), when doing CPA, CPL, CPI , users interest is the decision maker here. Adult content has been the most prolific form of business since ages.So setting a budget that allows you to collect actionable data on is crucial! It certainly got scattered across a ton of devices/businesses but especially in mobile, it’s a market that will always have public.

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