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So you can use AOP as a profiler, where you can check where are the bottlenecks of your application.If you are concern if introducing of Spring AOP decrease performance, as you are adding overhead to execution of all your service calls, check this blog post.John groaned at the stimulation.“Mmm, you’re so cute, John. She pulled off her tight top letting her DD tits bounce out. ”Val licked her lips at the sight of John’s monster cock. She licked circles on his head before stuffing the dick down her throat. John gave a few more quick licks before guiding the hot women to his bedroom.She could only take ⅔ of it before gagging harshly. Barbie held Val down as John yanked down her shorts and panties. Barbie pushed him away from her tits to move closer. Let me clean you up, John.”She leaned down too, licking the cum oozing out of Barbie’s mouth. Aspect Oriented Programming allows you to “define cross-cutting concerns that can be applied across separate, very different, object models”.AOP complements Object Oriented Programming by increasing modularity with applying common behavior to multiple non-related object models.

Add support for spring-aop and aspectj If you are using maven, and not using spring-aop already, just add this two new dependencies. Define your aspect and pointcuts There are two ways two define aspects : With @Aspect annotation, or in Spring`s file. You can check Spring’s AOP documentation which Joint Point, Advice, Pointcuts, etc. For example if you want to log what method is returning, use @After Returnung Advice: If you want to dynamically enable/disable logging, one way this can be done is introducing new flag in Logging Aspect.It is very easy to start with, and can be used for getting complicated things done very easy.For example, Spring Transactional Management is made possible using Spring AOP.Barbie and I would love to test out that suggestion. She yelped, drawing her hand back.“Something wrong, Miss? The redhead shook her head, her wavy bob cut swaying with her cutely.“N-no, I just thought I saw a spider. As her hand came in contact with his clothed member, she took on a highly amused expression.“Well, well, well. “Take us away, baby.”Grabbing the girls’ hands, he walked out into the street, the summer air bringing out a flush in his skin.Make sure it’s worth our time, you know.”Well, fuck. He didn’t want to be so rash and force his dick on them, that’d be slimy. I’m fine.”‘Barbie’ laughed at her friend’s’ outburst.“That good, Val? The cab ride was relatively quick and the cabbie cursed at the drunken John who quickly threw his change in favor of running to unlock his door. Barbie occupied his lips while Val immediately dove for his cock.

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